Narborion Origins: Lord Malbor Cover

Narborion Saga is an interactive, fantasy gamebook series developed by the Hungarian company Liber Primus Games. I was lucky enough to get to work with them to develop my own book, The Burning Trees of Ormen Mau, released in August of 2016. The book aims to bring tabletop role playing games to life as you develop a character, fight enemies, gain skills, and go on the ultimate quest. An interview with me, about the book and my interest in fantasy and gaming, can be found here. Ten tips for playing through the game successfully can be found here.

The Plot

In The Burning Trees of Ormen Mau, a young servant embarks on a mission to defeat a dragon and find a lost chalice. The forests are dangerous but the cities aren’t much better. Tame a giant, trade riddles with an underwater legend, fight alongside the valkyries, discover the hall of the Stone Nymphs – all before battling the dragon Lig-na-Baughe for your ultimate treasure: The Chalice of the Knight’s Council.

The Trailer for the Game