Photo credit: Stephanie Overton 'Library' (CC BY-ND 2.0; link through photo)

Photo credit: Stephanie Overton ‘Library’ (CC BY-ND 2.0; link through photo)

You enter the library; around you lie thousands of tomes, shimmering with dust on their shelves. The air fairly sparkles with it as busy bees hum around you, selecting various published works for their own private research. You take a tentative step forward – where to begin your own journey, here?

Of course, what better place than with the Narrator’s own works? But then – how do you find it? You turn towards the big blue sign that reads ‘Help’ in faded letters above a desk. Your gaze falls to the woman sitting behind an old computer; when she feels the heat of your stare, she peers over her glasses at you, eyes narrowed. “What are you looking for?”

You reply:

1. “Outreach about science and communication.” – Let me tell you more about science basics, and the world science inhabits.

2. “Scientific research.” – You’re looking to go straight to the science.

3. “Poetry.” – The science never sounded better.

4. “Science drama and plays.” – Looking for an evening of entertainment, are we?

5. “High Fantasy Gamebooks.” – You’re not really here for the science, are you?

6. “Forget it, I’m in the wrong place – was looking for the art gallery.” – Don’t worry, it’s right next door.