2019: Quarter Three


Time flies when you’re having fun, and this April-June was no exception. Between heading to the field in AZ for a month to work on my C. pallida thesis work and my trips to NY to check in on my Isodontia wasp project, the months absolutely breezed by me. Particularly incredible was the graduation of my first five undergraduates from the lab; we held a small going away party for them and the two students who worked with my partner in PhD, Katie Fiocca. I can’t wait to see all the amazing things they go on to achieve!


For some quick updates on last quarter’s goals:


  1. Finish the review process for my two first-author papers on mannitol and D. melanogaster: paper one is published and paper two is in review!!
  2. Finish gathering and writing up my erythritol data on ants – While the paper is nearly finished being written up, we are waiting on a few more choice bits of data to come in. Winter extended later than I expected and we didn’t really start finding bigger colonies to test until the end of May.
  3. Finish gathering and analyzing data on Centris pallida neuroanatomy – I did finish and analyzing all the data I intended to collect when I wrote this goal… but the analysis pointed to some additional interesting data I could collect so… here we go with that!
  4. Generate new materials for Bio 208 course revisions with Dr. Gurney – finished! I am now in the midst of trying out these new materials in the classroom and writing a short paper up on a teaching tool we generated for the class.
  5. Gather data on Centris pallida thermal tolerance – Done!

Overall, not a bad term. This summer, I’m implementing new course material for Applications in Biology II and also teaching a new class: Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology II. Because of this, my research goals are a bit less lofty:

  1. Finish the histological sectioning of my new C. pal work
  2. Finish making the aperatures for my C. pallida trip to IL
  3. Finish the erythritol-ant draft and get it submitted

And let’s not forget the other ‘biggie’ coming up – my wedding! Coming to PA in October of 2019. Weddings are a tremendous amount of planning, and I anticipate the months right before will be even more harried.

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