2017 Goals – Mid-Year Evaluation

Can you spot me collecting insects at Lacawac Sanctuary?

Since we’re halfway through the year (or thereabouts) I’d like to take some time to reflect on those goals I set for 2017, all the way back in January (how has it been six months already??). It’s important to check in on your big goals every once in a while, before it’s too late to make changes in order to achieve them.

In my goal-setting post I set the following list up for 2017… we’ll go point by point:

    1. Finish gathering data for the Eciton army ant project – this goal is, as I talked about last month, on it’s way to completion. With 6 undergraduates and myself all plugging away at this over the next three months, I have no doubt we’ll ring in September will all of the data.
    2. Maintain an active blog presence here, with at least one post a week – I think, most weeks, I’ve managed to get at least one post out and I’ve maintained my monthly biopoetics, of which I’m most proud. It’s been a little hard recently – with finals and some big personal stuff coming up – but I have managed to keep up this blog (for my betterment, if not yours).
    3. Develop my board game idea into a reality – Honestly, I forgot this was even something I was looking to do (#mybad). I’ve got a really interesting board game idea in my head about my brother’s business, but I’ve still yet to take the time to work on this – prioritizing other creative projects, like novel writing, over this. Maybe this means this project should be moved to the back burner?
    4. Publish three more poems – I’ve accomplished this one several times over! So far I’ve had 14 poems published this year – though I have been really lax in writing or submitting my work to new places. Most of these publications are roll-over from my work in the summer/fall of 2016.
    5. Have my committee and thesis ideas outlined for my PhD – This is actually pretty in-progress. I’ve got some cool ideas about bee dimorphisms (both morphologically and behaviorally!) and I think my attendance at the Bee Course 2017 this year (at the Southwestern Research Station in AZ) will really help flesh them out.

In addition to these goals, I want to remind myself of some additional things I’m working towards accomplishing this year that I should be proud of, including:

  1. Adding 20,000 words to one of my novels
  2. Generating data for the next NSF proposal on spider brains
  3. Working on getting a house (crazy right?)
  4. Taking additional classwork in the form of PROFESS courses
  5. Gathering data on Synoeca wasp dimorphisms
  6. Gathering data on erythritol and various mysterious insects #patent
  7. Heading a lab of six undergraduates – and hopefully not sucking too hard

Given that so many of the above only really happened in the last two months, it seems like it might be a good idea to re-evaluate my yearly goals every quarter instead of every six months – so much can change so fast!

How is your 2017 going? Are you on top of your goals? What do you do to re-focus during that mid-year burn out?

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