In Person Outreach

Eureka! Summer Camp, 2019

Studying insects provides me with an incredibly rich array of opportunities to guide people in exploring biodiversity, climate change, food scarcity, invasive species, genetics, research ethics, cultural differences, and more. In addition, I get to help people turn fear to fascination as they explore the incredible world of insects with me, their enthusiastic guide! As someone who once had a deep fear of most arthropods, helping others overcome or lessen their fear is a joyful act.

I primarily focus on working with children, and keeping my outreach insect-related, but have also had some opportunity to work with adults and to broaden the scope of my outreach to science generally.

Philly Scientists Summer Program (8-11 yo), 2019; Education Activity Designer, Philadelphia School District

Eureka! Summer Camp for Girls (11-13 yo), 2019; Workshop Facilitator, Drexel University

Elmwood Park Zoo Summer Camp (6-9 yo), 2019; Activity Leader and Visiting Scientist, Elmwood Park Zoo

Huyck Preserve High School Research Program (15-18 yo), 2018-2019; Lecturer and Field Leader, Huyck Preserve, NY

Scientist Saturday Program (all ages), 2018-2019; Visiting Scientist, Academy of Natural Sciences, PA

Phoenix March for Science (all ages), 2018; Meet and Greet Scientist with the Arizona State University Social Insect Research Group, Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix March for Science, 2018

Where possible, I seek to include outreach elements in my field work; for example, a collaborative insect survey with Dr. Dane Ward at Drexel University utilizes many Nature Preserves/Arboretums as study sites. Included with each malaise trap was a friendly explanation of how the trap functions, why we use it, and an invitation for people to snap a selfie and send it our way!

Online Outreach

Thanks to Ethan Kocak for the art!

Scientist podcast guest: ArthroPod (2020), BugScope (2019), PhDrinking (2018), Superwomen in Science (2018), School of Batman (2018)

Science Writing: Buzz, Hoot, Roar; Rapid Ecology; Faces of Fieldwork; Go Beyond; The Female Scientist; Biotweeps; The Huyck Preserve newsletter