10484173_936751789672875_9064452884237123794_oAt age five, I ‘published’ my first book in my grandparent’s apartment. Sticking smiling, yellow stickers on pages that were fused together with Elmer’s glue and covered in large, backwards letters written in Crayola crayon took me all morning, until I had to clear the table for lunch. That afternoon, I took my creation and stuffed it all inside a poorly cut cardboard shell, finishing the project with ‘cover art’ drawn using thick, washable markers. I even gave myself an author’s biography, which stated that this was (to the surprise of many, I’m sure) my first book but certainly not my last.50276249_00102_0021_XLarge
I began working on my first ‘real’ writing project in the seventh grade – a science fiction tale about four female superheroes, the GEMS squad. The stories of the GEMS are unfinished, despite a decade of work, but have taught me that our best characters never leave us. This love of reading and writing would push me towards becoming an English major.
In college, my love of writing exploded as I took screenwriting, poetry, and creative nonfiction workshops, and joined writing groups, pushing me beyond my comfort zone of genre fiction. My senior year, I completed a capstone project called Science on Stage: An Examination of Scientific Rhetoric which furthered my love of science mixed with drama.
In addition to my English/Creative Writing major, I also had a Biology major; my senior year capstone in Biology was a forest community ecology project. I often got stuck in streams – luckily, the man who would become my fiance was willing to join me there.
13620874_1339875619360488_6736411742009740827_nMy favorite project my senior year was a survey of native pollinators – a project that I fell in love with despite the way it quickly overwhelmed me, and a project that solidified my decision to earn my PhD at Drexel University working on the neuroanatomy of eusocial insects. Lastly, my love of science-writing led me to become a founding member of the first undergraduate Neuwrite group at Geneseo; I’m also proud to be a fledgling member and social media/website team player over at Neuwrite Philly group, while I work on building my writing profile.
My writing has been published or is forthcoming in Firefly, UnLost, all the sins, Slag Review, Palaver, The Trumpeter, Gandy Dancer and others. I am a member of AWP and the Academy of American Poets, as well as Philadelphia Neuwrite. I enjoy reading poetry for the lovely people over at Storm Cellar Quarterly as an Assistant Editor! My gamebook app, Narborion Adventures: The Burning Trees of Ormen Mau, was released August of 2016 on Android and iOS in collaboration with Liber Primus Games.