Biopoetics: Dicotyledons

First published in Mind Murals, page 10, Spring 2016. Listen to it read aloud here. The poem is the only shape poem I’ve ever attempted, but I was inspired by the uniquely beautiful shape of the double samara – the ‘helicopter’ fruit. These seeds are characteristic of dicots (short for […]

Biopoetics: Windborne

A huge thank you to Crab Fat Magazine for publishing this poem; you can read it here, see the form here, or listen to me read it here. Windborne is another poem in my sugar maple cycle; when I first began working on this poetry series and thinking about trees more deeply, […]


Sugar Maple Cycle: Acerum on Fomalhaut b – published in 2017, The Trumpeter, pg 200-201 (hear it, biopoetics) Acer saccharum – published in 2017, Palaver Magazine, page 74 (hear it, biopoetics) Dicotyledons – published in 2016, Mind Murals Magazine, page 10 (hear it, biopoetics) Deepnight – published in 2017, Palaver Magazine, page 75 (hear it, biopoetics) Sapriver – published in […]